What Women Want: More Hair!

Hair loss in women is not as uncommon as a lot of people might think. In fact, it’s a serious issue for many women, especially during pregnancy and menopause. There are; however, some steps a girl can take to minimize hair loss and increase hair health. If hair loss is causing you to freak out every time you use a brush, consider the following changes you can make to keep more of your gorgeous locks.

1. Stop dying hair immediately. You may feel a little uncomfortable letting your roots grow in or a few gray hairs shoe, but it’s necessary to strengthen your hair and determine if dying it is causing it to fall out. Temporary color, like the kind people use for a costume party or movie role, can disguise those roots long enough for you to conclude your hair loss investigation.

2. Give up the hair dryer. As much of a styling aid your favorite hair dryer might be, it’s hurting your hair. All that heat and friction could be the cause of your hair loss or at least contributing to it. Allow hair to air dry or gently wrap it in a towel and just start getting ready earlier.

3. Wear natural styles. Hair that is frequently braided, swept back in a tight pony-tail or cropped in corn-rows can cause significant hair loss each and every time. This alone might lead you to believe you have a serious hair loss problem, when in fact you don’t. Try going a few weeks wearing only loose and natural hair styles; if it doesn’t solve the problem, at least it won’t contribute to it.

4. Wash frequently with mild shampoo. A lot of women complain that shampooing too often leads to fly-away and unmanageable hair and although this may be true, it can also leave you vulnerable to scalp infections. These infections may result in hair loss, along with dandruff. Try washing every day with the mildest of products, and never brush or comb hair when it’s wet.

5. Balance your diet. Living off fast-food and lattes is no way for a girl to treat her body or hair and could easily cause excess breakage or loss. You need plenty of vitamins from fruits, vegetables and healthy oils for your scalp, like olive and omega. Low calorie diets are also dangerous for hair as it becomes nutrient-deprived, so opt for the best balance all of the time.

6. Balance your hormones. Stress is one of the biggest factors in hormone problems and will wreak the most havoc on your hair. Control stress through exercise and meditation every day or even throughout the day if necessary. Find yourself a quiet corner and enjoy five or so minutes of peace and quiet to control your stress and mediate your mood. See your physician if you feel a hormone imbalance is caused by an internal problem.

Hair loss is a scary thing for women too, but fortunately there are many ways the issue can be addressed. Use the above tips to improve your hair conditions and if problems still persist, see your doctor right away.