Coping With Hair Loss For Females

If you’re female and your hair is thinning or you’ve lost your hair, you know that women remain more uncomfortable about hair loss than men. Use the suggestions below to preserve your self-esteem while facing your hair loss.

Acknowledge that your hair loss makes a tremendous impact on your appearance rather than trying to talk yourself out of experiencing the emotions that go along with hair loss as important in order to accept the change to your appearance.

Congratulate yourself on your ability to address negative emotions you experience from your hair loss as part of the process of accepting your new look. If you can work to accept your hair loss you’ve taken a gigantic step towards gaining a comfort level with your new look, especially, when you consider that in today’s world where public female figures will talk about everything from battles with drug addiction, to breast implants and other plastic surgeries, they still usually won’t discuss hair loss.

The steps you take to address your hair loss are part of your personal beauty regimen which you can choose to discuss or not discuss with other people. The fact that you have hair loss does not automatically mean that you have to disclose that fact to other people if you’re not comfortable doing so. People can guess at any number of beauty treatments you’ll have during your lifetime from getting your eyebrows reshaped to wearing a wig, and you decide what you share with others.

If you decide to wear your hair or lack of hair naturally, be prepared for people to notice that your hair is thinning or falling out. You should never tolerate another person who ridicules you for your hair loss, but you should be prepared for people to notice the difference in your look from most other women if you decide to wear your new bald look into public. You may find that joining new groups or frequenting new places is a good way for you to gain comfort in going out with either a wig or new look you’ve chosen to accommodate your baldness because people who don’t know you have no basis of comparison of what you looked like before to what you look like now. If someone you know says something that makes you feel uncomfortable regarding your hair loss, do not hesitate to tell that person that you consider the remark rude.

Your baldness can be an opportunity for you to assert boundaries on what people can say to you in your personal relationships. Frequently individuals who will remark about your hair loss are the same people who in the past have remarked on your weight gain or your skin breakouts. You are not obliged to tolerate comments that seem unkind based on some rude person’s notion of telling the truth or expressing concern in a fashion that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Your approach to your hair loss if you’re female can be tailored to your personality and comfort level. Use the suggestions above for coping with hair loss if you’re female.