Creating the Illusion of More Hair: Tips for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Regardless of your gender, losing your hair is never an easy thing to accept. Thinning hair can have a huge impact on anyone’s self-esteem, but especially for women because it is not as common in women as in men. In addition, a man’s solution of shaving his head often does not appeal to very many women. If you are experiencing thinning hair, there are a few things you can do to create the illusion that your locks are thicker than they really are. Read on for more information.

First, take care when brushing your locks. When you get out of the shower, you should wait until your hair is dry before running a comb through it. Brushing wet hair causes strain and damage, and if your hair is already thinning, it will only exacerbate the issue. Try using your fingers to gently separate any knots and then wait until it is fully try to brush through the rest of it.

Blow drying can make your hair look thicker, but you have to be careful. Too much heat too often can harm your hair, but blow-drying it every once in a while is okay. Start blow drying at the roots, and as you work through your hair, push it in the opposite direction of your normal style. If you put a bit of time and effort into the process, you can really make your hair look much thicker than it actually is.

As with blow drying, you have to be careful about dyeing your hair, although putting in a few highlights can help draw attention away from the places where your hair is thinning. Follow a few rules when highlighting; don’t go to the salon more than once in a two-month period. Also, always opt for highlights instead of all-over dye. You will be amazed at how highlights can hide problem areas on the scalp.

Style your hair to make the most of what you have. If your hair is currently long, be aware that this actually makes it look like you have less hair than you do, particularly if your hair is fairly straight. Consider cutting it a little shorter; go above your shoulders and have a stylist layer your locks for you. You should notice an immediate difference in your appearance. While at the salon, take an extra few minutes to talk to your stylist about your concerns and see if there is anything else they recommend that might help you. There may be a certain shampoo or conditioner that they think will help; while it may be a little costly, hair products that were made to help with thinning hair can often give you the body that you may have been lacking in the past. You can also use the Internet to do a little research as well.

If you are a woman that has thinning hair, there is hope. While you may not be able to regrow what you have lost, you can make the most of what you have. Use the tips above to help you change your appearance and start feeling better about yourself.