Hair Styles for Thinning Hair

If you’re not suffering from a specific condition that is contributing to your hair thinning, it can still cause you to feel unhappy. Use the suggestions below to choose a hair style that will improve your thinning hair’s appearance.

Look through magazines and look at pictures of styles that other people choose to disguise the appearance of thinning hair. While certain styles may not be right for you, going through magazines and looking at different styles can inspire you to get creative with choosing a hair style.

Try out a new style by bringing a picture of the cut you’d like into your hair salon. Whether you go to an expensive salon or a less expensive salon, competent hairdressers can frequently duplicate the look you’re going for.

Don’t waste money on hair products that you don’t research. Most hair products add weight to hair that can actually increase the appearance of thinning hair. Before you spend money on any hair product, research the product to determine whether you think it’s worth a try. Because volumizing products can be pricy, consider saving your receipt so that if you don’t like the product you can return it to the retailer.

Consider changing how you part your hair to reduce the appearance of a wide part that exposes your scalp and can make your hair look thinner. For women, retraining your hair with another part can be supported with the use of bobby pins. For men, a shorter haircut can help reduce the challenge of changing a particular part in your hair.

Shorter haircuts are frequently recommended for men and women experiencing hair thinning because by reducing the weight of your hair, the appearance of your scalp is reduced.

Consider hair layers for shorter haircuts that can support the illusion of thicker hair. Tiny amounts of hair gel that contain alcohol are frequently recommended to maintain short hair styles because the alcohol dries out and a stiffer hold is achieved.

If you use tie-backs or pony-tail bands, leave your pony tail or other gathered hair a little bit looser when you hold it in place. Pulling your hair tightly against your scalp can increase the appearance of thinning hair.

If you want to keep a longer hair style, it’s a good idea for you to choose a style that has minimal layering because the appearance of a single length of all your hair can frequently make your hair appear thicker.

Consider whether shoulder-length hair is right for you. By using your shoulders as a natural point where your hair falls, your hair can actually have a thicker appearance because your shoulders provide a natural point where when your hair reaches the tops of your shoulders, it will experience resistance from your shoulders and appear to have more body.

Choosing a hair style that reduces the look of thinning hair can be a great beauty boost for you if you’re worried about how your thinning hair looks. Use the suggestions above for choosing a hair style that will make you happy with your look even if your hair is thinning.