How to Live With Baldness

Many people are affected by hair loss, and there are many ways it can be dealt with. Most men just accept the condition, but women have a harder time living with it. This article provides some great ideas about how to approach living without hair.

Most people do not experience hair loss until they are at least in their twenties, and most keep their hair for much longer. Some men who are affected by genetic hair loss begin noticing thinning hair very early in life – sometimes even in their later teen years. Woman are much less susceptible to genetic hair loss, so unless they begin losing their hair as a result of medication or some type of medical condition, most women do not experience thinning hair until their senior years.

Hair loss can be caused for multiple reasons. The most common is likely genetic baldness which primarily affects men. Their baldness begins with male pattern baldness, and shows up first at the crown accompanied by a receding hairline. Eventually they are left with little or no hair on top of their head, but a ring of hair extending around the sides. Many men choose to just shave off all the remaining hair since a totally bald look has become quite popular over recent years.

Some hair loss is caused by certain types of disease and can affect both men and women. Additionally, some medications also cause hair loss but the hair will regrow once the medication is no longer required. Other types of hair loss is caused by poor hygiene practices or damage caused by styling products and procedures. This type of hair loss can be reversed if these practices are discontinued.

Many hair loss treatments are advertised, and some of them can be effective. However, most of them do not live up to their claims. There have been a few drugs typically used for other health issues that seem to cause hair to regrow. More research is being done in these areas, and the future may hold promise for people suffering from hair loss.

Women typically experience thinning hair due to styling products and procedures which cause damage to the hair. If a woman notices that she is losing more hair than normal, she should consider which styling practices may be damaging her hair. Over-processing with color or perms can cause hair to become brittle which makes keeping any length difficult. These processes do not prevent new hair from growing in though, so when these practices are stopped and hair is properly conditioned, a healthy head of hair can once again be attained. If all else fails, a woman may choose to wear a wig. There are many wigs available which appear to be absolutely natural.

Hair replacement surgery has been available for quite some time, but it is expensive. It is difficult to achieve a natural look by using hair replacement surgery, and many times the hair plugs fail anyway.

The more information you have available about hair loss, the easier it will be to deal with. Use the tips in this article as your guide to living with baldness.