How To Prevent Hair Loss

It is incredibly common for both men and women to experience some form of hair loss. However, it is completely unnecessary for either sex to ‘suffer’ from the mild inconvenience that is hair loss. Using the following simple tips and tricks, you can make your hair loss a thing of the past, without changing your lifestyle.

Go to your general practitioner (family doctor) or a hair-loss specialist to ensure you are not suffering from another medical condition that may be causing your hair loss. Though regular visits to the doctor are an important part of any healthy lifestyle, it is especially important that you see a doctor regularly in middle-age, when hair loss usually presents.

Try to limit the frequency with which you wear a hat or other headgear. Allow your scalp to breathe, by limiting the amount of time you spend wearing a hat. Do not wear hats indoors, if you can help it. Though you may be trying to cover up your baldness, doing so can in fact make it worse.

Make sure to carefully wash out any and all hair-care products at the end of the day, including leave-in shampoo or conditioner, hair gel, mousse, et cetera. These products prevent your hair and scalp from breathing and experiencing several consecutive clean hours as the body repairs old cells.

Only use high-quality shampoo and high-quality conditioners. Get products from hair-care specialists, if you can, or else invest in well-recommended products from others. Consider that you get what you pay for– buying very cheap shampoo may cheapen the quality of the shampoo.

When combing your hair or arranging it into a hair style (including ponytails and braids), do not pull back too tightly, as you can pull some hair from your scalp. Though loosing only a few strands may not seem like very much, consider that you naturally shed several strands of hair per day, and tugging at the hair can make it more susceptible to coming out not only as you put your hair up, but throughout the day.

Use a hairbrush with hard bristles to help stimulate hair growth by massaging the scalp. Do not rip the hair out as your brush it. Work knots out with your fingers after taking the hair away from the scalp and giving it ‘slack’, with which you can work the knots through without tugging hair away from the scalp.

Massage the scalp daily with your fingertips to stimulate hair growth and oil production. This will help your missing hair grow back, if possible, and relax you. If you have difficulty reaching up over your head to massage your scalp, see a massage therapist or encourage a significant other or other trusted person to massage your scalp for you.

People of both sexes, men and women, can experience hair loss, balding, or hair thinning. By following these simple and easy tips and tricks, though, you can keep your head full of hair for a long while to come– without making drastic lifestyle changes or inhibiting your daily life.