Lifestyle Changes To Enhance Fertility

The natural progression of a relationship is love, then marriage, then having a baby. It’s the dream of every young girl. Despite getting married to your true love, sometimes the dream remains incomplete when there is difficulty in conceiving.

People often seek out physicians to assist them in conceiving. This approach is not cheap, the drugs can have severe side effects, and a number of the treatments are not fully accepted by the medical community and involve invasive procedures. A better solution to begin with is to look at natural techniques that can increase the odds of conceiving.

A number of elements are involved in the inability to conceive a baby. Of these, stress is one of the major factors. Hence, if you want to be a parent, learn to relax and focus on positive thoughts and feelings rather than letting the burdens of work, life, and your fear of infertility get you down.
Poor diet that deprives you of sufficient nutrition is another factor. Pay attention to your diet, and avoid eating anything processed. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, while upping your daily intake of water. Consider visiting a natural doctor and requesting blood tests to assess your overall nutrition level, with the goal of targeting insufficiencies.

You should also seek to maintain a healthy weight for maximum fertility. Eat the right foods in proper quantities to bring your weight into a healthy range. Working out at a reasonable intensity is also a key to keeping your body weight at a healthy level.

Making a baby has a lot to do with the female time of the month. Check your calendar and determine your ovulation date. There is only a time frame of up to 24 hours during which fertilization can take place. The male sperm are active for two or three days after entering the woman’s body. This presents a narrow window of time for conception to occur. When a woman monitors her cycles, the couple can plan intercourse for the day or two leading up to ovulation or the day of. Some experts advise intercourse every other day to allow time for a larger sperm buildup, increasing the chance of a sperm reaching the egg.

It is also beneficial for the woman to elevate her pelvis to allow gravity to assist the sperm in their goal of fertilization. After intercourse, the woman should lie down for a quarter hour or so, giving the sperm an easier path to the egg.

Supplements that enhance fertility and improve overall health also help couples who are trying to conceive. Vitamin C and grapeseed extract increase cervical mucus and gnereal well-being. This mucus can be made even more hospitable for the sperm through the use of evening primrose oil. Similary, try some probiotics that will bring down the acidity around the cervix and thus grant increased life to sperms.

To increase sperm production, consume larger quantities of leafy greens, seeds, and nuts to obtain vitamin E; whole grains and turkey for zinc; and eggs, lean protein, and milk for vitamin B12. While women should also eat such a healthy diet, a special emphasis should also be placed on getting enough iron from their meals. Finally, both men and women will stand to gain from a diet enriched with vitamin C and selenium. A natural, balanced diet will supply the vital nutrients your body needs to be healthy enough to nurture a baby.

People who love each other often want to see that love produce a baby. Disappointing test results often lead to frustration and despair. Keep a positive outlook and do not let depression overwhelm you. Nurture the love by keeping the passion alive and intimacy real. Doing so will keep your stress in check. With the use of the right natural steps, you may be on your way to having your child. If you and your spouse are still unable to have children after improving your health and trying for over a year, then you may wish to seek professional help.