Optimum Exercises For Getting Six-Pack Abs

It’s common for people to blame the jiggle around the middle on age or genetics. Such a scapegoat enables you to do nothing to improve your abs, believing that nothing can be done. However, it is time to dispel this disbelief. The main purpose behind flabby abs is inconsistent, ineffective, or improperly performed exercises. Common crunches alone will not help in developing your entire midsection. Performing the appropriate exercises will target the flabs in the different parts of your abdominal region and will eventually help you achieve a well-chiseled physique.

Basic crunches are the most well-known type of ab exercise, and for good reason. Crunches are simple and effective, requiring no equipment and delivering results. They just need to be done correctly. The common crunch position is to lie on your back on the floor with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your knees pointing upwards. Once in this position, lift your shoulders slightly from the ground towards your chest. Keep yourself in this position for a moment, and then slowly begin to lower your body back to the floor.

Kick it up a few notches by holding weights on your chest as you crunch. You can also raise your legs to a perpendicular position and reach upward toward your feet while crunching. There is yet another derivative of this classic crunch exercise. Bring your bent knees close to your chest and then lift your shoulders as well as your buttocks simultaneously.

For the lower abs, the pull up bar is a good starting point. Jump up and hang on the pull up bar with your legs off of the ground. Begin your exercise by raising your knees as high as possible. If you can, bring them all the way up against your chest. This is a great exercise, because it gives a solid, all-around workout to numerous muscles in your body.

Do not worry if you do not have access to a pull up bar. Instead, try reverse crunches for your lower abs. Lie on the floor with your feet pointing straight up. Contract your abs as you raise your lower body from the floor.

Twisting exercises are the best at working your obliques. One popular exercise to work the obliques is the bicycle motion. To perform this move, tuck one knee into your chest. Raise your body in a sit up motion as you touch the tucked in knee with your other elbow. Repeat with the other elbow and its opposing knee. Try holding the crunch the entire time, or forget the crunch and just use the legs. This is most effective if you do not rest your feet on the ground. The obliques can also be exercised through side crunches, which are done as you lie on your side. There is one twisting exercise that is done holding a weight in front of you in the seated position. While moving the weight from side to side, twist your body slowly without jerking.

One of the important things to remember during your workouts is that each execise needs to be done diligently with careful attention to the details. Refrain from extending your muscles beyond their limit. Stop your workouts if you feel your lower back is unable to cope with the rigors of this routine. For added lower back support, you can try putting your hands beneath your bottom or bending your knees more.

You should adopt similar care when concentrating on exercises for your upper and side abs as well. Never pull, tug, or jerk your head or neck. Gently cradle your neck in your hands. Use the hands only for support, not to lift.

Do not rush through your workout, but go through your paces gently, holding for at least three counts each time you contract your muscles. Timing your breathing will help as well. As a rule always remember that you breathe in when the muscles are relaxing and you breathe out when they are contracting.

If you follow an abdominal routine on a regular basis, you can expect to see early results of your hard work emerging in approximately 14 days. As you develop your ab muscles, your core will be better stabilized, as will your lumbar region. Of course, your appearance will be greatly enhanced as well. It’s time to get started. Flatten those abs beginning now.