Preventing And Slowing Down Hair Loss

Do you want to prevent or slow down your hair loss? You should make some changes to your hair care regimen and your lifestyle. Read the following article to learn more.

Losing your hair is usually a sign of aging, but it can also be caused by factors such as stress, fatigue or exposure to nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. Losing your hair should motivate you to make some changes to your habits and lifestyle before you develop more serious health issues. Hair loss can also be a symptom linked to a medical condition but you should not worry unless you notice other symptom or you started losing your hair very suddenly. Do not hesitate to go to a doctor to find out what is causing your hair loss if you cannot think of a reason.

Stress and fatigue are very common causes for hair loss. If you often experience stress, you need to find an efficient way to manage your negative feelings. You could for instance try using stress management techniques. Practice yoga, do some breathing exercises and take frequent breaks from what you are doing if you get stressed. If your job or your busy lifestyle cause you stress, make some changes. Consider working less or hire someone to help you at home. If you are dealing with fatigue, adopt a more regular schedule and make sleeping eight hours a night a priority.

Take good care of your body and you will keep your hair longer. If you are smoker or drink alcohol and caffeine regularly, it is time to get rid of these bad habits. Quitting can be hard and stressful but staying away from these harmful substances will help you keep your stress under control and reduce the amount of toxins your body produces. You should also avoid junk food and adopt a healthy diet rich in vitamins and proteins.

Improve your hair care regimen. You can slow down hair loss by massaging your scalp once or twice a day, if necessary with a hair loss treatment. Use a quality shampoo to wash your hair daily and condition your hair so you can easily comb through it. You can also use a hair mask to strengthen your hair or use a raw egg to wash your hair. Dry your hair right after you are done washing it and use a blow dryer instead of a towel to avoid friction. If possible, choose a very simple hair style so you do not have to use gel or mousse and do not have to comb or touch your hair to adjust it several times a day. Consider keeping your hair very short or shaving it to conceal your hair loss and make your hair care regimen a lot easier to follow.

Use these tips to make changes to your hair care routine and to your lifestyle. Your hair loss will slow down and even stop if you eliminate factors such as stress or fatigue but keep in mind that your hair will not grow back.