Preventing Hair Loss: The Steps You Can Take To Minimize Risk

In a society that has people shaving their heads and going with the short cropped trendy hair styles, there is still a concern over hair loss. The fact is that as fads pass, the time will come when longer hair will be back in style and everyone will jump on the bandwagon. Hair loss will prevent this and many people suffer from severe depression and lower self esteem when this occurs. This article will give you an idea of how you can reduce this risk and maintain a luxurious full head of hair whenever you choose to have it.

The biggest issue today is the shampoos we desire that are available on the market in our favorite stores. These shampoos are loaded with chemicals, fragrances and heavy alcohol content. This is great for stripping your hair and making it smell good but also removes the necessary nutrients and oils necessary for great hair. You need to choose all natural shampoos and stay away from the ones that will damage hair. This does not mean you need to purchase 20 dollar shampoo as there are brands available for only a few dollars that will protect your hair and allow for future growth.

Another issue is pony tails and hats. Keep your hair as loose as possible. You can tie it back when necessary, but you do need to remove the holder and allow your air to breathe and circulate. Hair is similar to skin. Cut off circulation on your skin and it will have some serious issues after a period of time. The same goes for your hair. Wearing ball caps is a great way to keep sun out of your eyes and retain heat, but that also means your hair is not getting the air necessary for growth and the sweat is simply causing dirt and grime to clog pours and again, damage hair.

Always allow your hair to dry before brushing it. This is simply because you are damaging softened hair with each stroke even though it may be easier to brush.

Smoking is a big no no when it comes to healthy hair. The fact is that smoking or being around those who smoke leaves a film on your hair that damages it. It also is a chemical laden habit that is now dumping toxins in your body that end up damaging hair as it deprives it of what it needs to grow. Look at the resin or smoke buildup in a smokers car or home and believe that what you see is also coating your hair.

Stress has been known to cause hair loss. As we become stressed, our bodies burn through vital nutrients necessary for hair growth. You need to focus on ways to manage stress. Read a book, talk to family and friends or simply exercise or go for a walk. This will alleviate the stress you feel and prevent the nutrient loss associated with hair loss.

As you can see, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of hair loss. These are simple and minor lifestyle changes that will not throw your life into turmoil and leave you with the hair you desire and others admire.