Separating Fact From Myth Concerning Hair Loss

Over half of all men will suffer from a certain amount of hair loss as they age. Considering the social stigma against baldness, this may seem like a lot. Most people will do anything to prevent this condition from proceeding. There are many factors involved. Because of this, there are many different causes of hair loss, and there are many myths floating around on how to treat it. This article will debunk a few of these myths for you.

Many people think that baldness is primarily passed from the maternal grandfather. While the baldness gene does reside on the X chromosome, which means that women can carry it, this is not a primarily determining factor. You are far more likely to go bald if your father does than if your maternal grandfather did. In fact, if your father still has all his hair, you will probably get to keep yours as well. Of course this is not the only factor, so don’t assume that your hair loss is genetic.

People think that if they wear hats they will lose their hair more quickly. In truth, it is not the hat that causes the problem, but the dirt and oil on the inside of the hat. This dirt can cause infections, which can then cause your hair loss to get worse. Wash your favorite cap every so often and you will be able to wear it without fear. This can be a great way to hide a bald spot when you are feeling particularly vulnerable, so being able to wear a hat could be a great relief.

There is a similar myth going around about styling products such as hair gel or mousse. Again it is not the product that causes the problems, but what happens when you allow the product to stay in your hair longer than it is designed to be. There is no proof that hair cleaning products such as shampoo have any effect either. In fact, skipping good cleaning practices can allow dirt to get caught in the follicles and pores making the situation worse. On the other hand, heat products, like curling irons, can actually damage the follicles that you need to grow your hair.

Over-exposure to sun is a problem because it causes skin cancer, but it isn’t a factor in hair loss. This myth probably started because sunlight can lighten your hair, making it appear thinner. Tanning beds use the same energy wavelengths, so they will have a similar effect. That means you can go out without fear – just wear a hat if your hair is prone to lightening in the sunlight.

Most people judge others based on their outward appearance. Even more important is that many people base their self esteem on what they see in the mirror. Despite the fact that hair loss is pretty normal, this is something that causes anxiety for most people. The myths that are going around only make the situation worse. These techniques that don’t help one bit can distract you from focusing on techniques that will really make a difference.