Simple Hair Loss Prevention Techniques

Hair loss is not a condition anyone want to experience. Fortunately, as long as you take good care of your hair you can minimize this problem, regardless of what genetics has to say about it. By the time your hair starts falling out it is too late to take many of the precautions that could have slowed the progression of your hair loss. If you are concerned about losing your hair, read on. This article will give you ideas on how you can keep as much hair as possible as long as possible.

Making sure you avoid damaging your scalp is the first step in prevention. Anything that pulls on your hair, such as pulling your hair back tight, can cause this. If you want to keep your hair pulled back tight, vary the location so that you don’t pull the same hair every day. If you don’t do this your hair may stop growing in places that keep getting pulled.

Another thing to avoid is using heat products on your hair. This means blow dryers and curling irons. Try to let your hair dry naturally and use styles such as pin-curls to minimize the heat damage your hair is subject to.

Keeping your hair clean is vitally important. Dirt and oil can get caught in the pores and cause infections, just like pimples on your face. These infection can cause scars that will prevent hair from growing in that spot again. The cumulative effect of all these tiny scars is hair loss.

Excessive stress can cause hair loss all by itself, even without other contributing factors like genetics. Having a job you hate, moving, running out of money, or pretty much any life-changing event can cause excessive stress. The good news is that hair loss due to stress is usually reverses itself once the stress level is lowered. Learn stress management techniques and look for areas of your life you can improve, and your hair will start coming back after six months or so. Doing this now will mean that later, when other factors come into play, you will not have issues with stress-related hair loss.

Chemical processing is rough on your hair, and as you get older you may want to consider giving up some or all of your coloring and perming. If you decide to continue, leave the processing to a pro. They have been taught how to best process hair without damaging the critical follicles.

Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. For that reason you should try to avoid vigorous toweling or brushing it while it is wet. This will help keep your hair from being broken from the rough treatment. Instead, leave the towel on while you drink your coffee in the morning, and brush it once it has dried a bit.

You need to keep your scalp healthy to grow healthy hair. That means eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. Fresh fruits and veggies in particular are an important part of a diet for healthy hair. You can even add a vitamin that is specifically to help supplement your diet with the nutrients that make up your hair.

Hair loss is a nightmare for many people. By caring for your hair properly you can minimize the effect of hair loss on your life.