Top Five Tips To Slow Down Hair Loss

If you have been losing your hair, it is time to take action. Go over this article for some useful tips on how to slow down hair loss.

You can slow down hair loss by washing your hair regularly with a quality shampoo. If possible, find a product designed to slow down hair loss or to strengthen your hair. Dry your hair right after washing it. Use a blow dryer rather than a towel to avoid friction. Wash your hair every other day if it is short and everyday if you keep it long. Protect your hair from getting wet as much as possible and dry it immediately if you are caught under the rain.

Purchase additional quality hair care products. You are going to need a good conditioner to make combing your hair easier even if you do not keep your hair long. You could also use a hair mask designed to strengthen your hair; do not hesitate to purchase a hair mask advertised as a feminine hair care product. Use your hair mask once a week or replace it with a natural treatment such as washing your hair with a raw egg.

Avoid any kind of friction on your scalp. You should avoid wearing a hat unless you really need to conceal your bald spot or receding hairline. Avoid touching your hair as much as possible and do not style it too tightly if you keep it long. You should also avoid hair care products that could clog your pores and cause more hair to fall such as gels or mousses. It is best to adopt a simple hair style so you do not comb, style or touch your hair frequently.

Your hair needs vitamins to stay strong. If you have an unhealthy diet, it is time to change the way you eat. You should also make an effort to hydrate yourself properly and take a multi-vitamin supplement. If you are a smoker or enjoy alcohol and caffeine, get rid of these bad habits. You should also do your best to reduce stress, get plenty of sleep and keep looking for ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Do not waste your time and money on products advertised as treatments that will cause your hair to grow back. There is no way of getting the hair to grow back once it falls. The closest thing is a surgical procedure which consists in implanting hair on your scalp. You should contact local clinics to get quotes for this procedure if you are interested. If you do not want to undergo this procedure, focus on slowing down the hair loss process and try finding a new look such as keeping your hair very short or shaving it.

Apply these tips and do your best to improve your lifestyle before developing other health problems. You will see results if you focus on taking good care of your hair but you will also have to learn to live with your hair loss problem.