An Empty Nest Does Not Mean An Empty Lifestyle

In the early years of parenthood, You never think the day will come when your little ones are grown and ready to leave the house. Parents get so involved in bringing up their babies, from their precious infant days to the exciting teen years, that it seems like the kids will always be a part of their homes. However, the days pass too quickly into years, and before long your kids are ready to fly away from the nest. This can be a difficult moment for any parent to deal with. While your kids are preparing for this major milestone in their lives, you can also set about charting your next course of action. This will help you cope with the trauma of saying goodbye to your children.

Never forget the most basic fact of parenthood. No matter what, you will always be mom or dad, even if your children aren’t living in the house with you. The only difference is that the relationship which you had with your children has now eased into a less dependent but just as comfortable phase. It is only natural that children will want to be more dependent as they get older. You should not feel offended or slighted in any way by their desire to move on, but you should try and help your kids in whatever manner you can.

It doesn’t matter how far away your kids are, they are always going to need you in some capacity. Moreover, they will always be a constant source of love for you. By supplying them with encouragement in their new lives, you can develop a friendship with one another.

An empty nest can initiate a new level of romance in your marriage. When immersed in the 24/7 task of actively raising small children, the marriage often gets pushed to the back burner. At the very least, spontaneity is hindered by the responsibilities of parenthood. After the kids are gone, you and your spouse can do whatever you want. There is no one to look after, and you might as well burn the babysitter’s number. This is the perfect opportunity to rediscover your love for your spouse who has been a companion for you over all the exciting, busy years of child-rearing. You can now take time out for yourselves and relish in the comfort of each other without anyone to disturb you.

If you are not married, raising children can make it difficult to make new friends. Here is your chance to reconnect with people you haven’t seen in years or to get out there and meet a few new people.

Starting a new company or going on a trip across the country are things you can do with children at home, but they are certainly far easier with an empty nest. You can pursue what you have always wanted to do.

Time is always at a premium when you’re raising children. When they have moved on to start families of their own, you will have all the time you want to do the things you have dreamed about doing while you wait for grandchildren to steal your heart a second time around. There is no limit to the things that you can accomplish, be it pursuing higher education, starting a charity, or spending time in artistic pursuits such as painting.

Don’t jump into any life-altering decisions the minute the last child walks out the door. Though it can be unsettling for some, give yourself some time to adjust to an empty house and take pleasure in this new lifestyle. It is all great to touch base with your children every now and then to make sure they are fine. It will be a comfort for you and your child, although they may act like it’s no big deal.

Remind yourself that you trained them to eventually be independent, and that they are capable adults now. Your job is no longer to hover over them to ensure they are doing the right thing. After all, you raised them, so they’re bound to do great! Interestingly, you and your child are both faced with major life-altering events which should be seen as the beginning of an exciting new adventure in your lives. Proceed with joy.