Curing Anxiety Without Needing Prescription Medication

Chronic anxiety can attack anyone. Doctors offices are packed with people suffering the physical effects of this condition. A person who suffers from anxiety feels trapped in a prison of fear and trepidation. Anxiety can grow so severe that it manifests itself in outright panic. More and more people are complaining of experiencing some level of chronic anxiety.

Some cases of anxiety are so intense that only a professional can free the victim. The majority of people with anxiety can, over time, conquer or improve their condition with gradual changes to their diet and habits.

Food and beverages and the additives hidden in them are common culprits for increased anxiety. Some people are highly sensitive to sweeteners which are in a huge portion of processed foods. Remove one sweetener at a time, beginning with artificial sweeteners, and note the effect its absence has on your overall wellbeing and peace of mind.

Caffeine has a highly stimulating effect on some people which increases anxiety. Remove or reduce coffee, chocolate, tea, and soda, or replace them with decaffeinated or lower caffeine alternatives.

Alcohol is another substance which increases anxiety in those prone to the condition. Despite the relaxing nature of alcohol for some people, it has the opposite effect on those with anxious tendencies. Slow down your consumption, sticking with an occasional drink or none at all.

Eating poorly leads to vitamin deficiencies which, in turn, can incite anxiety. Following a healthy, well-balanced diet will help fill in the nutritional gaps. Unless you have a food allergy, try to eat foods from all the food groups, emphasizing natural foods. It would be helpful to also take a daily vitamin.

One of the best healers is a good night’s rest. If your anxiety is disrupting your sleep, be sure to avoid all stimulants within an hour before bed. Establish a bed time schedule that fits your schedule and follow it daily, even on the weekends.

Perhaps the most immediately rewarding and beneficial approach you can take to lessen your anxiety is exercise. Breathing deeply while taking a bike ride, swimming, or jogging will release endorphins, mood-enhancing chemicals that your body produces. Increased physical activity helps yours body sleep better at night. If you exercise within an hour or two before bed, you might be energizing your body and cause sleep problems.

Try to avoid dwelling on the anxiety or your anxiety triggers. Try to fill your day with activities that you relax you and pleasant thoughts.

Incorporating these healthy, constructive habits into your life will allow your body the opportunity to heal and give your mind the ability to combat anxiety. Patience and persistence are your best friends in the process of naturally freeing yourself from anxiety’s suffocating grip. You may be tempted to give up, but if you continue with these steps toward a calmer state of mind, you will eventually see baby steps toward healing.