Natural Solutions For Treating Insomnia And Night Waking

At some point or another, two out of every three people suffer from light insomnia while one out of every three people go on to develop chronic cases of insomnia. Thankfully, there are ways to move past these problems. Through behavior modification and some natural treatments, you can once again enjoy sweet dreams.

The easiest way to overcome insomnia is by adjusting your sleep patterns. Going to bed at an earlier time can help you to fall asleep earlier. Shoot for 10 p.m., but avoid staying up past midnight. Another way that you can make it easier on yourself to fall asleep faster is to set aside time to decompress. You can take a bath, pray, or read a pleasant book, all of which help turn your attention from the daily stresses of life and focus on relaxing.

It is also easier to rest if your room is a peaceful haven. Avoid using your bedroom to do a lot of office work. You should mentally associate your room with pleasant activities, such as sleep and intimate moments. Televisions, computers, and phones are not conducive to a relaxing environment. Decluttering your bedroom will remove all disrupting noises and annoying lights.

Another thing that is useful in creating a peaceful sleeping environment is to avoid over-thinking before going to bed. Don’t focus on work, finances, or relational problems. Turn the computer and television off well before bedtime to ease your mind into a relaxed state. You want to create as pleasant a sleep environment as possible.

Your eating habits in the afternoon could also be hindering your sleep. Skip drinking coffee, alcohol, and other caffeinated beverages after 2 o’clock. These drinks will have you up all night and make it difficult to get some sleep. Keep any evening meals light. Avoid excessive fat and salt. They will only serve to boost your metabolism at the wrong time.

What you do during the day can impact the quality of your sleep. If you work out at some point in your day, you are setting yourself up for improved rest. Light yoga, stretching, or a relaxing walk before bed encourages the body to release tension. Do not work out hard, though, because this will only stimulate your body and make sleep harder to come by.

If you get tired during the day, indulge in a short 20-minute power nap. Your body will get its second wind and you’ll be able to make it to bedtime. A small bit of sleep during the day will not cause you to stay awake at night.

Instead of relying on artificial drugs to help you sleep, consider using herbal sleeping aids. These have viewer unpleasant side effects than prescription drugs tend to have, allowing you to sleep more naturally. Common examples of effective herbal sleeping aids include melatonin, kava, and passionflower. You can also use aromatic herbs such as lavender, hops, and chamomile to help you sleep better.

Just as there are meals that can prevent you from sleeping, there are also meals that can help you sleep better. Some dietary sleep aids include pineapple, eggs, bananas, and peanut butter, among others. Ensuring that all your nutrient requirements are fulfilled will enhance all areas of your life, including your sleep. Calcium and magnesium will relax your muscles, allowing you to rest more fully. Vitamins are equally important. Either get the proper amounts of vitamins in the foods you eat, particularly in veggies and fruits, or take a supplement to fill in the holes.

If you are still having sleep issues try changing up your routine. Relocate, but don’t throw off your circadian rhythm by turning on a light. Address any issues or concerns that are keeping you awake by writing them down and then forgetting about them.

Do not be discouraged if your efforts at improving your sleep do not improve immediately. It might take a few weeks before your body clock is reset. Sweet dreams will again be yours if you remain patient and calm and allow your body to adjust to your lifestyle improvements. If after a few months you have seen no improvement, or if you are sinking into depression or other illnesses, see a physician. It is time for the next step.